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Day Out With Thomas

Stevie is a huge Thomas the tank engine fan. He loves watching Thomas episodes and playing with his Thomas track and train collection. This little boy is obsessed with trains! My cousin Diana told me about the “Day Out With Thomas” a few months ago. So Steve and I bought some tickets and on June 22 we drove up to Mount Joy, PA to visit my sister Karen and her family. The next day we took Stevie to the Day Out With Thomas at the Strasburg Railroad. He had such a blast! So thankful Diana let me know about it! I’m also so glad that my parents were able to join us for the fun. Stevie loves them so much. We hope to do this again sometime!

Here we are riding on the train, the engine was one made to look just like Thomas! So very cool for a little boy!

Taking a ride on the mini train! He loved it so much that after he rode it and we had to get off, he got all teary eyed because he wanted to ride it again..So of course Granny and Pops went on with him the 2nd time. :-)

Looking at the real Strasburg train…

Pic with Thomas..

Waiting in line to see sir topham hat! I thought Stevie might get scared and cry, but he loved meeting sir topham hat. When we ask him about meeting him and he will say, “Hi… TAT”  He calls sir topham hat  “TAT”

I think his favorite part though was playing with all the trains on the train tables. They had a bunch of tables set up with different trains on each one, it was such a nice idea!

He also got a Thomas tattoo.. It didn’t stay on very long (he rubbed it off eventually), so I’m glad I got a snap of it!

We love this little boy so much! Also Blythe did amazing the whole day! She continues to be such an easy-going baby. :-)

We are thankful to God for the sweet memories we made.. I’m sure he won’t remember, but it was fun to see the pure joy on Stevie’s face. It’s wonderful being a parent.. I don’t want to take it for granted.

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Ocean City Vacation

We vacationed in Ocean City June 9-15. We had a blast with the Boisvert family! We also found out on the trip that Steve passed the last part of his CPA exam!! How kind of the Lord!!

Here are some pics from our time:

Stevie on the beach:

Steve and I got to go out on a date! We tried a cool little seafood place, then went to a candy store for dessert:

I had some special time with Stevie at the beach:


Stevie playing with his cousins!

Steve and Brooklyn:

Going out for breakfast:


Brooklyn and Blythe..

Cousins chilling together..

Rakel took some pics of us at the beach..

he’s got lots of energy..

precious girl..

love this one…

One of my favs of Stevie! Rakel is excellent at taking pictures…


Blythe: 4 months

Blythe’s 4 month update:

May 28: First time at the pool! Auntie Kelly bought her this cute swimsuit. She didn’t like the water, was too cold for her!

June 1: first trip to Krispy Kreme:

June 7: She loves snuggling. . .

June 8: Smiley girl..

Sweet Frog with Auntie:

June 9: Auntie Jen’s baby shower for Lily

June 9-15: Trip to ocean city md!

June 11: precious

hanging with cousin Brooklyn

First time at the beach:

June 13: sleeping at the beach house

June 16: Blythe meets Aunt DD for the first time!

June 17: Blythe and Auntie

June 19: Watching big brother play..

June 20: Having cake at Granny and Pop’s to celebrate our anniversary and Steve being finished with his CPA! Blythe is eyeing the cake..

June 21: full of smiles..

enjoying the playmat..

June 22: 4 month dr. appt. She had her shots and she did great. Here are her stats:

Height: 26.25 in

Weight: 16 lbs 9.5 oz

Head: 16.5 in

She is my little snuggle bug:

June 23: 4 months old!

We went to “Day out with Thomas”, Blythe did so well the whole time! She is a very happy and easy-going baby.

We love her dearly!

When we got home, Steve snapped some pics of the little princess. .

Highlights for the month:

1. She is cooing so much more, very chatty.

2. She can go from her back to her belly.

3. She grabs toys and brings them to her mouth.

4. She enjoys the playmat.

So blessed to have this little one in our life!


Playing Outside

Stevie and I played outside tonight. He loves going outside, he will tell me “siiiide, siiide”, grab his shoes and wiggle the door handle. He loves to explore, touch the wheels of the car, and the lights..which he calls “yights”. We even saw a few airplanes go by. Love this little boy so much.


My little man!

Always on the go..

Waiting for the airplane to pass..

He was looking at some ants and grass on the driveway…

Trying to blow the dandelion..



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